Structure of the Fund

The Wyndham Richardson Scholarship Fund is a public fund established for charitable purposes and maintained solely for providing scholarships, bursaries and prizes based on merit or reasons of equity. They are available to Australian citizens or Australian permanent residents from within Australia to promote the recipient’s tertiary education.


The Wyndham Richardson Tertiary Student Care Trust (‘the Trust’) was first established in July 1983.

Joseph Wyndham Murray Richardson was born in Melbourne in 1904 and attended St Peter’s College from 1917 to 1922.  In 1923 he commenced an engineering course at the University of Adelaide and continued it at Melbourne University; however was unable to complete it as a result of a long bout of ill health and financial struggles. He later became a licensed surveyor and established a very successful and profitable private practice.

The disappointment of his inability to complete his chosen degree course at university stayed with him, and fuelled a desire to provide resources to assist students to ensure that they did not experience what he did.  This led to the establishment of the Trust in 1983 through a generous donation bequeathed to the Trust.

By careful stewardship, the Trust has grown. Income from the Fund is wholly distributed each year in grants to needy and deserving students undertaking tertiary studies. Since its establishment, the Trust has distributed over $800,000 to more than 500 students as either direct grants or through the three universities and TAFE College.

For some time, the Trustees have been concerned to build up the Trust further; and in 2015 they sought and secured approval from the Australian Tax Office to obtain Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status, enabling donors to the Trust to obtain a tax deduction for their donation.

The Directors of the Trust

Michael Lane

Accountant, Chair

James Litt

Development Officer, Secretary

Mandy Ayres


Philip Game

General Surgeon

Stephen Hicks

Retired Stock Broker

David King

Vascular Surgeon

Claudine Law


Sue McArthur


Jonathan Wells